Eddie Woo HSC Maths

Great Videos to Master Parametric Equations

I recently found some incredibly useful videos made by a Sydney Maths teacher called Eddie Woo. These particular videos give an introduction to parametric equations for Mathematics Extension 1 students. Hopefully they're useful to you!
Balancing stones

What is an Equilibrium Reaction?

If you’re studying HSC Chemistry, you’ve probably started to encounter equilibrium reactions. From our tutoring courses in the summer holidays, I realised that this can be a challenging topic for many students. Hopefully this article will clear up misconceptions and cement your understanding of the concept.

HSC Physics: The Slingshot Effect

The slingshot effect is used by a spacecraft in increase its velocity. To do this, the spacecraft travels close to another moving object such as a planet or moon. As the craft moves away from the planet, it is travelling faster than when it started. However, it is vitally important to realize that its speed relative to the planet is unchanged, only its speed relative to the sun (and other planets orbiting the sun).

Calculating G-force | Top Marks QA #2

Episode 2 of Top Marks QA is on G-Force. Our head physics teacher explains how to derive a formula and calculate g-force in a range of different situations.

Electrochemistry and Galvanic Cells

Electrochemistry and galvanic cells are an interesting topic in HSC chemistry and although it only has a small section in the chemistry syllabus, a strong understanding is necessary.

What On Earth Is Enantiostasis? | Top Marks QA #1

The first edition of our Top Marks QA video series is on enantiostasis in HSC Biology. Watch our head biology teacher explain the concept and how to answer specific questions in the HSC.
re-entry module

Issues With Re-Entry Into Earth's Atmosphere

While there are only two dot points in the HSC Chemistry syllabus dedicated to spacecraft re-entering Earth’s atmosphere, they are commonly assessed in exams. This will be a quick article to outline the issues involved and how to answer those questions.

Biopolymers: Guide to a Band 6 Answer

Biopolymer questions are often a source of trouble for HSC Chemistry students. Every student should have a biopolymer which they can name and describe briefly, but often they don’t have enough information for a 5 or 6 mark question. This guide will make sure you are confident to answer any possible question on biopolymers.

Understanding Titration for HSC Chemistry

As an HSC Chemistry tutor, I observe titration to be a particularly long and confusing process for many students. This article will break down the logic behind each step of the titration process, and furthermore, provide guidance on performing calculations related to titration. It will also run through major cautions that HSC Chemistry students need to be aware of in performing titration.
HSC Biology 2014 question on evolution by natural selection

Get full marks on questions about natural selection

In almost every HSC and HSC trial paper for Biology, there is a question on evolution by natural selection which requires you to describe the process, and often apply it to a real or theoretical situation. This can range from "explain the process of evolution by natural selection" to more roundabout questions using models for natural selection based on cookie jars. Regardless, this question will always be there and there is no reason you should ever get less than full marks - providing you follow this simple guide.

A Comprehensive Guide to Black Body Radiation in the HSC

Our Head Physics Tutor, Andy Chu, walks you through the topic of black body radiation from the Ideas to Implementation topic. This is a difficult concept and this article will provide the depth of understanding required to achieve great results in the HSC.
Science Tutoring

Answering Long Responses in HSC Sciences

Head Physics Teacher Andy Chu discusses his tips for answering long response questions in HSC Physics, Chemistry and Biology. This is a must read if you want a band 6 in any HSC science.
Sydney High School Tutoring

Thinking About Memory

Head Biology Teacher Tim Mason shares his thoughts on memorising content and how to study most effectively for great results in the HSC and any other exam.

The Key to HSC Success

Head Biology tutor Tim Mason discusses simple tips to greatly improve HSC performance from his experience achieving a 99.95 ATAR.